Inkjet printing has evolved.

EvoluJet high-speed commercial color inkjet printer with Fiery


High-speed, variable data, color inkjet printers are now a cost-effective alternative for even your most demanding full-color printing projects. Whether you need transactional, trans-promotional or other customer communications, an inkjet printing system is your best investment.  Four-color, cut-sheet inkjet printers can deliver the productivity, flexibility and reliability you demand in your production print and mail environment. 

Why EvoluJet™?

Our full-color, cut-sheet inkjet EvoluJet™ platform complements your transactional and marketing workflows. It replaces toner systems or enhances reprinting solutions through consistent, high-quality performance.

Seeing is Believing

We put EvoluJet™ inkjet printing to the test by producing a high-coverage, personalized direct mail piece and printing it with our client, MPS Communications.

Make Your Evolution to Inkjet Printing Fast and Affordable.

BlueCrest Financial Services can provides flexible financing options to help your profit from the use of inkjet printing without making a substantial upfront investment.

Our finance executives work with you to deliver a competitive finance structure to meet your specific needs and budget: fast, easy, and convenient.  Learn more about our financing options.  >

Impress for Less

A Case Study with MPS Communications

BlueCrest partnered with MPS Communications, a full-service marketing communications company, to address three of their biggest challenges – costs per impression, volume fluctuations, and uptime. After partnering with them through several data studies, we implemented our EvoluJet printing system to address each pain point. Our service and technical support teams had them seeing a return on their investment before they even thought it possible.


“One of the biggest benefits we’ve noticed, besides cost-effectiveness, is the level of service.”

–   Michael Whelan
Productions Director, MPS Communications


Our high-quality, full-color, cut-sheet inkjet platform enhances print/mail production by replacing toner systems or performing as an excellent reprint solution.


Our service and technical support get you up and running quickly for a strong ROI while unlocking the operational potential over the lifetime of the system.


EvoluJet™ supports a wide range of transactional and marketing mail applications delivering dependable performance with high-capacity feeders and stackers.


This variable data inkjet printing system seamlessly integrates with your workflow, providing consistent, high-quality output. Plus, it’s easy to operate and maintain.


High-speed, variable data, color inkjet printers are the wave of the future for commercial printing. And BlueCrest is at the peak of the wave. Check out these additional resources and learn why your business needs to move to EvoluJet™.